The players of cash strapped Torquay United, have chosen to drive themselves to their National League game against Boreham Wood this Saturday.

Since the collapse of a potential takeover by Gaming International LTD earlier this year, finances have been tight at the Devon based team. There have been no other offers of investment and the club are waiting to hear whether they will receive any money from the sale of Eunan O’Kane, following his move to Leeds from Bournemouth. With a lack of a cash injection, there have been a number of cuts and money saving exercises by the club, including using manager Kevin Nicholson as the team coach driver.

With a 227 mile trip to Boreham Wood, which will take around 4-6 hours, a decision had to be made as to whether the players would take a coach up on the morning of the game or stay the night before. Having both wasn’t financially viable.

Boss Nicholson said on Facebook, ““The club is obviously not in a great place financially and when I was told we were down to travel five or six hours on the morning of the game I asked if I could use the budget for the coach for a hotel instead which the chairman kindly agreed to.”

“I then put it to the players as it is their preparation and their petrol money to get there. To a man they all went for, what I fully believe, to be the best preparation and took the hotel stay.” Continued Nicholson. “I’m proud that the players are willing to do whatever it takes to give themselves the best chance of winning and that how it looks comes second to what’s most important.”

With the Gulls’ only winning one of their five away games so far this season, Nicholson will be hoping that the decision to get a good night sleep Friday will reap its reward with three points and kick-start their away form.

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