Non-League Oracle

Thoughts from the lower leagues of English Football


The Non-League Oracle was born early in 2016, out of our love of everything involved with grassroots football. Like many we became disillusioned with schism that has evolved between the top levels of the game and the community it was created for. For us, the game we all love is at its purest in the lower reaches of English football. It is here that the true spirit of the game exists; in the way it was always intended. A game for us, the people, to enjoy – and not just a money making machine.

Join us, and we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest news coming from Step 5 and below. There’ll also be regular features from stories around the country, all of which will be looking at every aspect involved in the non-league pyramid. We’ll provide you with weekly previews and reviews of all the latest fixtures – a must if you’re preparing your weekend acca!

Keep us in your time-line on Twitter @nonleagueoracle, like our Facebook page and stay tuned for our Instagram account.

The Non-League Oracle are two friends with a love of all things football. Find us on Twitter, @ryanhall587 & @twodads81.



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